About Us

Nawezaa is a media mentorship social enterprise supporting the engagement of refugees and locals by providing a media platform for them to engage, co-exist and collaborate in pursuit of nurturing their ideas/initiatives and instilling a belief of possibilities. Nawezaa, I can!

We also offer Social media and digital marketing , video production , animation and photography . At Nawezaa – We design and develop brand identities, new businesses ideas , build digital products for clients worldwide. We strive for the best user experience social media strategies , growth, and success of your brand. Our Clients are – UNHCR Kenya , #defyhatenow , Youth Voices Community-YVC, Footprints for Change and Playland Amusement Park.

Brief Background

Naweza is a Swahili word that means I can. Nawezaa is a rebrand from a previous graphic design initiative by a refugee through which an idea of possibilities and willingness to win was born that shaped the name of the initiative and its objectives.Through the design initiative, Refugees and vulnerable Kenyans secured opportunities to impact themselves with skills such as graphic design, videography, photography, Animation and media, social media marketing and branding. The digital initiative furthermore provides a platform for its target to raise their problems, advertise their skills and products as well as promoting themselves to the local and global market.

Listen More — About Us

Nawezaa believes in youths and ideas from youths , it seeks to  encourage , support  and mentor youths in their different walks of life to be willing to try , and that basically starts from learning , persevering and then winning. Our narrative is about less complaining , more birth of ideas and that can happen when youths are mentored and it sinks in their minds that it’s all possible and that they can do exploits.

Our Work

 Naweza Media

we are in pursuit of nurturing young ideas and supporting growth of businesses and brands through our array of services.

Naweza Mentorship

In all our mentorship we strive to influence youths with the idea of possibilities and trying , we focus on motivating and encouraging self esteem and worth for oneself that can propel them to being innovators and creators of that which can be a change to our today’s challenges . For us its Belief and Trials = Possibilities