Against All Odds

By May 19, 2021Education

Abdikadir Salat Mohammed, a Somali refugee was seated somewhere probably inside a UNHCR tent in Dadaab camp Garissa County anxious like any other candidate waiting for education CS professor George Magoha to announce the 2020 class K.C.S.E results from Mtihani house on May 11th.

Everyone was glued to their screens and the anticipation to discover the brand new brains of the country was predictable. Salat himself had a dream of a bright future and this would only come if the results were in his favour. He must have been exhausted by the ‘Microwave atmosphere in the camp’ or the remoteness of the area where terror is like a culture and peace and tranquility is elusive.

Unarguably the announcement of the results met the expectations of many but the least expected was that a 18 year old refugee from Gedi secondary School in Dadaab refugee camp could score an A- of 79 points given the adverse conditions at hand.

This was a magical revelation to salat himself. Being announced the top candidate in the North Eastern region was indeed a dream come true for the intellectual shining star. Finally his ambitions of becoming a software engineer somewhere at a Canadian University was shining right at his face

“I am delighted to emerge the best in North Eastern despite the many odds we have encountered in the academic calendar”,”I want to study software engineering but in a university somewhere in Canada, I just want to contribute to building the word” Salat alluded(Courtesy Nation media)

Salat is just among many Refugees and vulnerable groups trying to scrap out some piece of achievement out of very exacerbating conditions and vulnerable environments. It is inevitable to guess the jubilation has enormous flavor.

Since its inception in 2017,Gedi Secondary School has been seamlessly recording tremendous improvement in K.C.S.E results despite the massive underlying challenges. This year saw far much improvement with the school clinching a mean grade of C+( 7.42)

As Abdikadir Salat unfolds a new chapter of his life, he smiles in the belief that “The sky’s the Limit”.

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