Done Deal! UNHCR and Fc Barcelona announce four year deal in support of Immigrant Sports and Education

World Refugee Agency UNHCR and Spanish Football giants FC Barcelona have sealed a four year partnership seeking to support Sports and Education for immigrants in four continents.

In the deal, UNHCR and the foundation will contribute at least half a million Euros, both in cash and in-kind donations, such as sports equipment and technical expertise, to help refugees in four continents benefit from sport empowerment for four years while FC Barcelona will incorporate UNHCR/ACNUR logos on the back of their jerseys in solidarity with refugees and to strengthen support and empathy for the Refugee crisis. The deal also included the National Association in Spain, ACNUR Comité Español and the FC Barcelona Foundation. 

Speaking during the unveiling of the partnership, UNHCR director of External Relations Dominique Hyde, insisted on the important role of sports in harsenning peace and unity among millions of immigrants forced to flee their homes due to different forms of intolerable crisis, especially women and children.

“Displaced children are in dire need of support to rebuild and reconnect,” said Dominique.

“Sports can play a vital role in helping them to improve their mental and physical well-being, develop skills to deal with stress and anxiety and connect to their communities.” Hyde added. 

Sports has been playing a vital role in unification of diverse communities across the globe, a partnership like this will create massive impact to the millions of hopeless immigrants especially children. FC Barcelona, a club that proudly enjoys massive fan support across the world would steer this initiative better considering its impressive success in the European football stage and great recognition across the world. 

It is imperative to engage refugees in the sporting arena giving into mind the tremendous abilities and talents they can impress when promoted. Sports is a wider platform for integration especially between refugees and host communities in different countries. For instance, local sports tournaments have united refugees with the hosts creating a bond that surpasses the ethnic and racial divide. The host community through sports has learnt to embrace refugees while sharing the arena as competitors or teammates while instilling brotherhood. Consequently, the sporting stage is shared on the basis of togetherness as fans from diverse groups cheer for the same teams despite their origins. 

The initiative will also promote refugee child education since children will be empowered to learn as Sports and Education are Parallel engagements

Let’s wait and see how good this will be!

By: McCreadie Andias

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