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Travelling the world is always a dream adventure to many. Some travel in their dreams while others travel in reality. But travel without photography limits the leisure, these two have an alchemy of great convenience as they compliment well to capture those unforgettable moments.

Ronak Limbad lives in the world of photography. A Kenyan student in the United Kingdom, ‘Habitating’ in a country rich in exquisite and serene surroundings, he takes full advantage of this by taking the shots.

Looking through his Instagram accounts magicalmoment.ronaklimbad and Ronak Limbad, you don’t need to be convinced about his photography prowess. The sojourner uses his photography to travel his experience to different destinations in the UK capturing the full ambiance of the beauty in flora, fauna, natural and physical sagacity, heritage sites, the magical infrastructure and even the people. All this he calls the “Magical moments”

Ronak has commercialized his photography to support his education abroad. His venture into product photography is an authentic masterclass of the shots everyone may need, this he does for clients across any corner of the globe, after all. Photography travels. He makes the deliveries via email within two days and this ensures that his clients touring the UK can get to show their loved ones their magical moment back at home.

Consequently Ronak is an absolute ‘creme de la creme’ in logo design, photo and video editing including cinematography. This all comes with different but fair charges. Jack of all trades indeed.

But what does photography mean to Ronak?

“Photography to me is an emotion, a part of life and a way to just disappear into the surroundings. I enjoy taking pictures on a regular basis especially when I get lost while exploring known places to places I never knew existed and that makes me enjoy every second of me holding the camera. Every time I pick the camera I just know something new is going to be coming on my way. Moreover, starting this as my hobby was the best thing I ever did as I grew from nothing to where I am, it helped me enhance my skills all round my life. I could not ask more from it as every time is a new experience.” Ronak alludes.

During your holiday summers you may land yourself in the UK, a small country but its countryside is mighty and incredibly diverse flushing from rolling green hills and ancient woodlands to impressive mountain peaks, idyllic lakes and rugged moors, heading out for a rural excursion you might rest for some utter silence in nights so dark you can see all stars or go for a trip in some of the coolest towns from Manchester to London via Oxford and later watch a premier league match in Liverpool. You will find those striking modern architecture, historical landmarks and amazing bars, pubs and restaurants. In short all this beautiful experience needs to be captured, You will need Ronak Limbad to make them count .

You will not only admire the shots but also be filled with taste. Ronak Limbad has got you covered. His enthusiasm for his hobby turned work is undoubtedly one to be emulated ,and his work ethics say for itself “I prefer to earn it and it makes me appreciate it more .”

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