Nawezaa Mentorship

No man is an Island, Every successful individual ,entrepreneur, athlete, musician, leader or any other significant figure was once mentored at one point of their lives. This is why mentorship is part of our utmost goals. We mentor and support young people on how to invent lucrative ideas that will better their lives, how they can wake up from their comfort zones and discover that “life is not a bed of roses” You need to fight for it to earn it, you need to work hard for it not steal it. Young people need better employment opportunities or best self employment through business ideas to earn them a living we train youths in photography, videography, graphics design, animation design and many digital services:We reach out to schools and mentor young pupils on how to embrace better education to escape impoverishment,drugs and immorality, Without young people the next village, community, nation and even world is all elusive, That’s why these young people must keep on track, We advise pupils on best ways to revise, tackle and pass exams,life skills and even talent exploration:Our Programme Refugees United In sports(RUIS) helps this vulnerable community better their lives through sports, identify and preserve their talents. RUIS engages in football, basketball, athletics, badminton, and volleyball. Our most developed under 15 and under 23 football teams involves procurement of a membership card for 300 Ksh which helps to support the process. We advocate for more support in terms of funds to strengthen this mentorship programme. #Better Youths for a better Country.

In all our mentorship we strive to influence youths with the idea of possibilities and trying , we focus on motivating and encouraging self esteem and worth for oneself that can propel them to being innovators and creators of that which can be a change to our today’s challenges . For us its Belief and Trials = Possibilities .