Monica and Peggy emerge RefuSHE fashion queens

By March 1, 2022March 3rd, 2022Arts, Fashion

Monica Kanari and Peggy Onyango are the new RefuSHE fashion queens for the “judges winner” and the “fans favorite” respectively.

The highly contested fashion gala Saw a compilation of fashion designers and models shining for the top prize in the Annual RefuSHE fashion Runway Destination Nairobi.

The event which was held on Thursday 24th was looking for top talents in fashion designing and dazzling models that would inspire fashion admirers and also mentor young refugee girls and women.

Monica’s victory was announced on Saturday after a panel of 6 judges were convinced by her impressive intricate design and beadwork as well as the inspiring integration story of her mentee Elizabeth who also turned out to be the only RefuSHE mentee to also serve as a fashion Runway challenge model.

“The REFUSHE fashion challenge drew my attention because they work with young girls who don’t have the same opportunities that we take for granted”, Monica praised the event.

In the final announcement, Peggy proved to attract more love and admiration from the fans from her work where she used Nadia blooming vines fabric to tell her mentee iman’s story. From the movement of the long flowy jacket to the fit of the bustier, Peggy’s Construction of this “two-in-one” was enough to earn her the fans favorite majority votes.

Congratulations to Peggy and Monica in their momentous fashion achievement which should be used as a tool to anchor more young  aspiring refugee fashion designers and models that odds can be defied with Hard Work, Belief and Compassion.

By: McCreadie Andias


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