Nairobi #peacejam Event – International Day of Peace

By September 20, 2021Arts, Culture

The annual September 21st International day of peace as chartered by the United Nations will be taking place in an unprecedented time in the world where the Covid19 pandemic is still causing shifts on how things happen and an adverse effect on various economies in the world. The United Nations General Assembly has devoted this day to table ideas of strengthening peace through 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire.

The covid 19 pandemic has escalated more conflict crisis with scramble for health services or strikes by health workers due to delayed payment or an unconducive working environment. A call for more conversations on sustainable peace and tranquility is immensing.

Here in Kenya a group of organisations including defyhatenow, Mazingira Yetu, Art 360, The Agricultural Society of Kenya and the agency for open culture and critical transformation have formed a strategic collaboration to address peace sustainability through an alchemy of activities conducted through a Nairobi peace jam and a conservancy activity.

This year’s theme being ‘Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world
#peacejam2021 nairobi will adopt the following themes in it’s online and offline campaign;

  1. Creating a sustainable world for children, whose future world has been borrowed by the current generations.
  2. Using art to communicate the current world state and the desired better future.
  3. Ecosystem restoration for a sustainable habitation

The alliance has organised discussions on how people displaced by conflicts can take part in peace talks and actively contribute to socioeconomic revitalization of their motherland countries. Environmental and basic infrastructure deficiency has also been on the rise in informal settlements evoking conflicts which have called on implementation of projects like the ongoing Ngong River Cleaning/Rehabilitation and sanitization works which seeks to improve infrastructure efficiency and mitigate conflicts arising from the repercussions of disasters like flooding.

Art 360, a Kibera based organisation will paint a peace mural along the Jamhuri Grounds entrance, a public space that stages an annual agricultural trade fair in Kenya. Art 360 will consequently complement the event with a traditional drum session incorporating traditional drummist playing folk songs from a blend of diverse ethnic communities living in the country. The group will afterwards conduct a roadside art exhibition displaying some of their amazing art pieces of kids, youths and some of the artists involved.

Sam Kule, a street musician will also be gracing the event by performing hit songs like “When leaders fight“, “Beba beba” among others and as well share his insights on what peace means to him and how his music contributes to peace. To support Sam , Here is link to his Youtube Channel –

The event’s peak will see the participant involved in a livestream joining all international peace jammers from across the globe.

#defyhatenow Social Media #peacejam2021

Nawezaa is equally happy that our Very Own Safari Genevieve , Community Affairs & Head of Mentorship will be sharing her valuable and insightful thoughts on  the virtual conference with other International Peace Jammers  on the topic of Recovering after displacement : A chat with refugees & IDP’s on their role in conflict transformation , We wish her the very best . Discussions will be  moderated by  Marina Modi , #defyhatenow , Chief Operating Officer -Juba

Register here to be part of the international peace jammers

World peace day is a day to heal the tough journey the pandemic has exposed humankind to. The vicious displacements due to civil wars that have cost lives of innocent civilians, and rendered millions homeless seeking refuge and asylum to alien countries where their peace is violated with blackmail and discrimination.

This is a day for everyone to heal and the healing process takes a peaceful hand of everyone devoid of our religious, ethnic, racial or origin backgrounds.

We are the world and we are the people. A peaceful environment takes the hands and hearts of all of us.

#Together for a peaceful co-existence.

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Happy International day of Peace!

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