Nawezaa Services

We are in pursuit of nurturing young ideas and supporting growth of businesses and brands through our array of services. We offer: Social media and digital marketing, video production, animation and photography, Interviews and blogging.

At Nawezaa – We design and develop brand identities, new businesses ideas, build digital products for clients worldwide. We strive for the best user experience social media strategies , growth, and success.

Social media marketing

We believe in the power of selling and marketing online due to the massive audience in social media platforms, we offer social media marketing on business, products, services and brands through our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook platforms:Our team embraces digital in its truest form to offer our digital solutions in Kenya and across the world. We leverage digital marketing insights and deliver on our clients online objectives. We object to supporting growing businesses and brands to earn a greater online reach and developed brands and businesses strengthen and grow larger in the online market. Our platform enables brands to explore the full potential of digital marketing and advertising by engaging multiple customer touchpoints on one platform and also utilizing scheduling apps like Hootsuite , Facebook Business Suite and others .

Photography and Videography

We believe that photos and videos are one of the Most significant ways to store our best moments, We are therefore available to reach our clients at their exact and preferred venues and capture their best moments in style. Our photographers and videographers deploy digital cameras and leave nothing uncaptured and deliver photos in their clear and truest forms.

Graphics and Animations

Our graphics are the one to look for, our team of expert graphic designers come up with the most captivating graphics in the market that captures utmost attention, we design graphics for occasions, awareness programs, companies, brands and services. Our digital animations are clear, well-defined, short and captivating. We as well offer ideas on business solutions for young brands and businesses. Nawezaa Media further seeks to help brands realize professionalism in content creation for online and offline audience through graphics design and animation for videos to increase content reach

Interviews and Documentaries

We are always eager to follow up insights and inspiring stories from its core to your reach. We hold interviews with young people about their inspiring journey, challenges and solutions. We look to explore issues that affect young people and compile documentaries that define our lives and how we can raise our voices louder to shout out for our rights and opportunities. We write informative articles on social life issues drawing from entertainment , opportunities and innovations by youths and for the youths .