Mentor-Me programme

We travel to schools and offer mentorship on the rising stars on the general overview to succeed in their education. Our belief that education is the key to success and change our lives for the better pushes us to all corners in reach of young people. In schools we offer mentorship with our section of experts on how they can Excel in their exams, basically tips . We help them explore their talents because Jack without play is a dull boy,every child has a hidden talent which can help them become the next figure in our country’s sports and artistic face. We teach them life skills on how to maneuver with overwhelming challenges, how to be assertive, confident, bold, self-control and even better morals. We travel the streets to mentor young youths on better business ideas and innovations that can help put meals on their tables and how they can better their lives being responsible young citizens. Our nation cannot stand the next day without this growing generation that’s why we advocate for charitable support from generous donors in terms of funds and even mentorship to keep this journal alive.

In all our mentorship we strive to influence youths with the idea of possibilities and trying , we focus on motivating and encouraging self esteem and worth for oneself that can propel them to being innovators and creators of that which can be a change to our today’s challenges . For us its Belief and Trials = Possibilities .