Refugees  United In Sports(RUIS) 

Being a refugee has almost seemed to be one of the most dreadful experiences  especially when exposed to poverty.

Refugees United In Sports(RUIS) is an initiative under Nawezaa which identified the overwhelming stigma facing this vulnerable community and we decided to come to the rescue. We realised that most Refugees are filled with tremendous and enormous talents in sporting activities and we decided to bring them together to unlock their prowess and better their lives. RUIS engages in sporting activities like football, basketball, volleyball, athletics and badmintoners. Our RUIS football team involves under 15 and under 23 teams with a membership card procured under a small charge.

We believe that our resilience will build our strength and together we will rise up in sports with the lucrative opportunities that come along in our organisation. UNITED IN SPORTS.

RUIS hids into the wise saying of Brenda Ueland ,“Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.”

RUIS under the leadership of Nawezaa will seek to advocate for more support in sporting activities that bring together refugees and locals .