Stories of Inspiring Women Empowering Communities By Migration Jam

By August 28, 2021Arts, Nawezaa Media

Migration Jam has organized an interesting online event dubbed “Social Changemakers: Stories of Inspiring Women Empowering Communities” taking place tomorrow.

Migration Jam is honored to invite you to be part of the conversation.

Migration Jam announced the opportunity to take part in making change through inspiring stories of marginalised women. The Organization announced:

In this event, we are honored to be a platform of four inspiring women, coming together from #Iraq, #Syria, #Yemen and #Tunisia.

These women will be telling us about the roads they have traveled to bring about change and inspiration in their communities. They will be telling us about the projects they have initiated, organizations they have founded, aid that they have delivered, movies they have made, and songs they have sung, all driven by their complex and priceless life experiences.

They will share with you dreams that will inspire yours.
1. Reaam Mahbuba – Founder of Iqraa Youth Organization

2. Nowar Rahmouni – Founder of Gharna Halabi

3. Amaani Yahya – The first female Yemeni rapper, and a member of different projects including INDKNA.

Moderator: Rahma Henchiri

We are hoping that these valuable stories find their way to the ears and hearts of all those who need a push, an extended hand, an additional motivation, and a heartfelt message that says “You, too, can be the change you want to see in the world.”

Join us on Sunday August 29 at 5PM GMT+3 to hear them out.

Registration Link–

See you tomorrow!


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